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January 15, 2017Tree Pruning 101

Typically you’ll tackle tree pruning for three reasons: safety, tree health and tree aesthetics. Pruning can accomplish many goals, including:

  • removing dead wood
  • trimming branches that obscure driving views
  • removing diseased or insect-infested branches
  • increasing airflow inside a tree crown (especially important in windy areas)
  • allowing light to penetrate to the ground below
  • removing branches that rub against one another
  • limiting branches growing into utility lines (never prune limbs near utility lines – call your local utility company)
  • enhancing a tree’s appearance
Winter provides a great opportunity for inspecting and pruning trees. You can easily see the tree’s structure and identify problem branches. If trees overhang perennial or vegetable gardens, pruning those trees in winter won’t damage your plantings. Pruning during dormancy can also prevent disease spread, since disease organisms are also dormant. Learn more about how to inspect trees for potential hazards, as well as when to prune trees and how to prune trees.

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