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June 21, 2016Storm Damage Cleanup

Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding counties have recently experienced some extreme thunderstorms with high winds and hail. More severe thunderstorms are expected tonight.

Before the storm: Conduct a pre-storm assessment. Identify trouble spots before a storm hits.

  • Cracks in tree trunks or major limbs
  • Hollow, aged and decayed trees
  • One-sided or significantly leaning trees
  • Branches leaning more than 45 degrees over the roof
  • Anything in close proximity to utility lines
  • Shelf-like fungus or mushrooms
  • Trees with dangerous leans

During the storm: Don’t try to be a hero.

Your property is not more important than your life and the lives of your loved ones. Prepare in advance, follow guidelines for evacuations, and don’t hesitate to get assistance.

After The Storm: Evaluate tree damage and call All Top Notch Tree Services.

Evaluate what you can handle and what’s for a pro – anything not on the ground should definitely be handled by a professional.

If a tree is uprooted or downed, it can create an unnatural pattern of pressure points and tension. A chainsaw operator may be in severe danger if attempting to cut a tensioned limb or trunk (called a “springpole”) – it may have an extremely violent, catapult-like reaction.