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If you have questions about caring for the trees in your landscape, call All Top Notch Tree Services for tree cutting in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  When you see a tree, you don’t often think about the behind-the-scenes maintenance that goes into making it aesthetically pleasing and keeping it healthy.  When you give your tree a little TLC in the form of trimming and maintenance, it will reward you with years of beauty.


What Routine Maintenance do trees need?

Trees not only add beauty to your landscape, but they also provide protection for animals, oxygen for the Earth’s atmosphere, and shade in summer.  In light of the benefits trees provide, they are well worth the small amount of effort required to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Trimming Trees  – The beauty of the tree is maintained by ensuring that branches do not overlap.  Careful trimming will keep the crown of the tree from becoming top heavy.  A standard suggestion is that it should be 2/3 of the full height of the tree.  Removing a sufficient amount of the smaller, lower branches allows others to walk or drive under your tree and keeps the trunk strong.  You can also achieve a pleasing, and symmetrical shape by carefully trimming the tree during its dormant period.

Removing Broken or Dead Branches – Snow, ice, or thunderstorms can break tree limbs causing them to fall through roofs or windows and on cars or people.  Lightning strikes can also leave weakness or burns in the stem.  When these branches fall, the can damage power lines, causing outages and electrical fires.  If your trees have suffered storm damage, All Top Notch’s tree trimming in Fredericksburg, Virginia, can remove broken branches safely and carefully.

Preventing Tree Disease – To prevent a tree from being susceptible to disease, arborists recommend not removing more than 25% of its living branches at one time.  Its best to spread out extensive foliage removal over a period of years.  Thinning the crown of the tree provides better airflow, which will also help stave off disease.  If your tree is diseased or damaged, All Top Notch’s specialists in tree cutting in Fredericksburg, Virginia, can inspect your tree and tell you whether it can be saved.

Tree Removal – Sometimes a tree can’t be saved.  If damage or disease has left your tree dead or in danger of falling, All Top Notch Tree Services can safely cut your tree down and remove it, giving space for a new beauty to grow.

Caring For Your Trees

A tree takes decades to grow, and the step-by-step task of caring for it requires patient planning.  The professionals at All Top Notch Tree Services can help you make informed decisions about the maintenance of your trees.  Since 2005, our specialists have offered a full range of services to the community, earning their reputation as well-respected experts in arbor care.  We offer free estimates, and we will do whatever we can to earn your confidence and make you happy.  No two trees are alike, and we will help you create an individualized plan that meets the specific needs of you and your trees.



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