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July 15, 2016Homeowners Should Know Their Limits

“Taking down trees is dangerous work. You’re working with dangerous equipment so you have to avail yourself of every safety precaution.”

It starts with the saw

“Chainsaws are dangerous. The chain on a chainsaw spins at 60 miles per hour, and each tooth, when the saw is new, is sharp enough to shave with.”

When a chainsaw gets going, it can be deadly, and the more it’s used, the more dangerous it is, especially if people aren’t maintaining it properly.

A dull chainsaw is more dangerous than a sharpened one because it requires the operator to use more force to make the same cut. That use of force can cause the operator to lose footing, or can make the chainsaw kick back, putting people at risk of injury.

Keeping two hands on the chainsaw, and two feet on the ground at all times, are vital to felling trees safely.

“I can’t tell you how many fatalities and injuries happen when a homeowner gets up on a ladder with a chainsaw.”

Know your limits

The first thing All Top Notch Tree Services does when we arrive on a job is to assess the situation carefully, to make sure we have the right equipment for the job and to ensure our professionals can do the job safely. Homeowners need to do the same thing and to know when a job is too big for them to handle.

If you’re the least bit unsure of what you’re doing, seek All Top Notch for advice.

No one should be out trying to take down trees when the wind is blowing, or it’s wet and slippery, and no one – not even professionals – should ever work alone.

Homeowners should avoid trying to take down a tree that’s thicker than their thigh, and they should never get close to a tree that has taken down wires.